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About Bare + Free

Bare + Free
is owned and loved by the Bruggemann Family. Jacque Bruggemann has been a Bare + Free raving customer since 2019, when she won a tube in an instagram giveaway. Obsessed with the effectiveness and often recommending our deodorant to her friends, clients and family, it was a huge yes for her when the opportunity to become the company owners arose. 

Jacque has worked in the wellness space since 2015, shortly after becoming co-creators of an online wellness program. Removing as many toxins from the home and from what you eat and put on our bodies is extremely important to her. As Mother to 3 children who have packed schedules, running two business and supporting her local school, staying fresh all day is essential. 

Jacque is passionate about empowering families to live their most delicious, active lives, being Bare + Free to do what they love. 


Bare + Free was founded by the ever inspiring Marianne Goldman in 2018 and below we share her story of how Bare + Free was created:

"Bare + Free (the concept) was born way back in April 2018 on a visit to one of our favourite holiday destinations - Queenstown, NZ! I read an article about the health complications of antiperspirants and the risks of Alzheimers and breast cancer, being a mother of two girls, this did not sit well with me. I always try to choose the natural alternative to a lot of products but deodorant never entered my mind until then. It was at this point that all my supermarket brand deodorants were tossed in the bin and I went cold turkey into armpit detox (lucky it was cold!). 

After returning home and trying a couple of different brands plus trying to convince the 14 & 17 year old to go natural, we hit a bit of a brick wall. Miss 17 was a little keen to give it ago but Miss 14 was not interested and the one product I had narrowed my search down to was received with a "I am not putting that on my skin!" (savage hey!). Having previously owned a bath and body business, I used my experience and knowledge in raw materials to create a quick and easy batch to try, add a few of my favourite oils and all of a sudden my daughters were throwing their deodorants away - WINNING!

Fast forward to June 2019, our formula has been fine tuned by a leading Australian cosmetic manufacturer to give Bare + Free the quality finish we all desire. Add to it, our luxe tropical and convenient packaging, this deodorant is one that everyone of all ages (especially those teenagers!) will want to use - mission complete!"

About the Founder

Marianne, is a wife, mother and feels right at home with the sand between her toes, sun on her skin and the salty water touching her soul. Having grown up in the Whitsunday's majority of her life, it's no wonder she loves the outdoor Queensland lifestyle and she wanted to add a bit of this to Bare + Free.

Living a life that is all about balance, she believes you can have your cake and eat it too. "I truly believe we should keep a well balanced lifestyle, why go to the gym 7 days a week and not be able to enjoy that piece cake". Most days you will find Marianne enjoying the beautiful walkways of the Whitsunday’s or sitting on her balcony enjoying her favourite cold brew coffee by another local Mr Bean. 

When the family get a break, their number one spot to head for the ultimate relaxation is the Sunshine Coast, "We spend quite a bit of time down there, it's nice to be able to hit the surf and enjoy some much needed downtime from the business of day to day living".

Marianne created Bare + Free for two main reasons, to reduce her and her families intake of chemical filled products but to also encourage other young women/ladies to make the change to natural and with her fun, fresh, tropical branding and an amazing formula that really works, Bare + Free is going to be a household name before you know it.