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Whether you're a converted natural deodorant user or looking to change brands to Bare+Free here are some of our most frequently asked questions:


1. Is Bare+Free 100% natural? 

Yes, Bare+Free is a 100% natural deodorant made right here in Australia.  


2. How long will a tube of Bare+Free last?

You will receive approx 3 months use from a single tube (remember a little goes a long way so be sure you are using the right amount). Don't forget to save your empty tubes for our Return, Recycle, Reward program.


3. Is Bare+Free vegan?

Our Original formula is not vegan as it holds a small percentage of beeswax. However our Friendly formula launching mid 2020 will be vegan. Bare + Free is also cruelty free as we do not test of animals on willing humans.


4. Does Bare+Free stop you from sweating?

No, Bare+Free is not an antiperspirant, it is a deodorant designed to let your body to do what it does naturally but stop you from smelling. Any product that blocks your pores and prevents sweating are generally aluminium and chemical filled.


5. Can my 13yo daughter use Bare+Free? 

Of course she can! As Bare+Free is all natural, it is suited to anyone and everyone. In fact, the founder's two teenage daughters have been using Bare+Free for nearly 2 years now and love it!


6. I've previously reacted to bi-carb deodorants in the past. Will I have the same problem with Bare+Free?

There is a lot of debate out there whether it is the bicarb people have reacted to, the essential oils or part of the detox process. Our skin is slightly acidic, so when we are putting a very alkaline product on it, we will react in some way. It really is hard to narrow down the cause but if you want to have a read of my tips here for the best way to transition to natural deodorants you might find some useful information. Hopefully this will help you a bit! But if you’ve tried different options it most likely means you are bicarb sensitive but don’t stress as our Friendly formula will be launching in 2020. 


7. Do you offer a subscription option? 

We decided not to offer a subscription service and instead encourage you to buy in bulk. By buying in bulk, we reduce the packaging used to send items to you, we reduce carbon omissions through shipping all of which is gentler on our environment. A twin pack will last 6 months and a triple pack 9 months.