Bringing Wellness to Work

Bringing Wellness to Work

When you think about ‘wellness,’ good health comes to mind. Which, in a nutshell it is. But if we dive deeper, you could say that wellness is more than just ‘being healthy’. It’s the active process of becoming aware of ones self. Making smart and healthy choices helping you lead an actively healthy and fulfilling life. It’s a dynamic change of process and growth and can be applied, anywhere and in everything we do.


It’s in the way we prepare nutritious meals, the workouts we do in the morning and even the time we take to practice gratitude. Feeling happy, energetic and motivated to look after ourselves is the gift of wellness. And the best part? You can bring Wellness to work.

Here’s how;


There are so many ways to increase movement at work. Take the stairs to your level, (don’t work in a multi-level building? Arrive 5 minutes early and do a lap of the block.) Stretch at your desk, fill up your water bottle, the next bathroom pit stop, do a one level stair run and always try to get outside for a walk on your lunch break. Fresh air will leave you revitalised and refreshed.


If you spend all day at a desk, why not fill it with things that bring you joy? Photos of your loved ones, or your favourite affirmation postcard framed, or even your latest travel souvenir Whatever it is, decorate your space with what you love.


Sitting all day isn’t doing us any favours, we know this. But standing for hours on end isn’t exactly ideal, either. Ever heard the good old saying “too much of anything is not good for you?” Well it’s true. If you have the opportunity to stand and sit, then switch between the two. Don’t have a stand up desk? Then being mindful of your posture is super important. Here is an easy desk hack to automatically have you sitting up taller for longer.

Sit at the edge of your chair with both legs bent at 90degrees and feet flat on the floor. Sit nice and tall as though someone has attached a piece of string to the top of your head and is pulling upward. These two actions alone should make it easier to sit in a healthy postural position taking pressure of the neck, shoulders and lower back.


Wellness practiced in a team is a great way to stay motivated. Being able to turn to each other for support and share knowledge is valuable. On top of that, having friendships at work improves our personal wellbeing.

So round up your co-workers, find time to connect, and invite them to join you in creating a culture of good health.


When we are feeling low on energy, snack on foods that will deliver energy with good nutritional value. Fruit, nuts and seeds are a pretty standard choice but if you like meal prepping then experimenting with different snacks can be a lot of fun. Try a delicious chia seed pudding. Oh and don’t forget to hydrate! Keep your water bottle somewhere visible and make sure you have to refill it at least twice. Both your body and mind will thank you.

Not good at drinking water? Let the co-working games begin! Who can drink 3L of water in a day first? Or how many litres can you drink in a week? This is a great way to build camaraderie and most importantly build healthy habits.


You know that feeling of returning from a trip to a squeaky-clean house? The same goes for your workspace. Tidying up your desk before you leave each night is like hitting the ‘refresh’ button, so you’re automatically set up for an on-track tomorrow.


Choosing wellness and proactively seeking out ways to improve your health, energy, and work-life balance, creates a ripple effect of healthy energy for yourself and everyone around you. If ever feel overwhelmed by the notion of “a life of wellbeing” just remember these simple actions; move more, eat well and practice healthy habits.



Jackie and her team at B3 Massage & Movement provide a holistic approach to pain management, optimal recovery and performance. If you want to learn more you can content with Jackie via Facebook, Instagram and her website or join and subscribe to her new podcast "Bodies Built Better"
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Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?








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